Friday, July 31, 2020

Second Touch - Top Of 'E' Leg

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(Second Chart Below)
(Calendar days / Pi) often align with events and was first postulated by Martin Armstrong and was ground-breaking regarding business cycles. The association seems to be regarding the swinging of a pendulum as it relates to natural cycles in nature including human behaviors. The Pi constant being a relationship between circumference and diameter of the circular segment of a pendulum as it swings to and fro. A more complete analysis might prove very useful but that's the best we have at the moment.

Note that the a-b-c down from E[i] can also be legitimately labelled 1 - 2  - 5  where w3 is at 3224 zone and w4 is at 3243 zone. The second touch on the upper trend line was anticipated at E[ii]. After-hours price could be a final wave top or it could be a wave three with a wave four pullback to follow.

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